My 'Blurt' Prologue...

My story is a long one. Though, now that my life is on track- it feels like just that.
A Story. Maybe someone else's story? I don't know..
Who would have thought this would begin from trying to learn how to touch type?
This is where the idea of typing about my life, my story, on a screen begins.
Surely, by the time I have finished pouring my heart out onto a blank canvas, putting it into
words for someone other than me to understand, I should be able to type 60 words per minute and
my soul will be lighter. My head will be clearer. I will be complete...

Friday, March 30, 2012

23) Not exactly making it through the stages-

I don't know who I am anymore, I don't know where to stay. I can't keep holding on anymore, I can't make it through each day. I remember you, the person I met, And long to see him again soon, For I cannot live without you, But things are so out of tune. You are my everything, My soul, so sweet, my reason to smile, Then you stopped smiling at me And it has been like that awhile. But I remember who you are, And remember what we have been, But just don't know if I can forget, This new you that I have seen. You never promised me forever, Or said I was the one, But still I never doubted it, Until now with all you've done. And still, you are the best person I know That just seems to forget, That I am entrapped by you, And refuse to Display regret. I am strong,  but become so weak, With all the harsh words, that we speak, Screamed or silent each one like, The sharpest pain, With the bluntest knife. But still, I remember you,  I could never forget, But the person that you are today, Is not the person I met. You don't remember who you are, Or the person that you met, You only see what you want to see, The negatives surrounded by the debt. And when the words are all gone, And at last your soul is still, Don't question what is right or wrong, We'll make it through, I will.

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